Industry Champion of the Year Award

SUMMARY: An individual from any position within our industry that has championed our industry and has had a great overall impact on advancing our industry. Could be academic in nature, code driven, marketing driven, or whatever that has benefited the overall industry.
CRITERIA: The criteria will include, but is not limited to:
•Nominees can include individuals, companies or organizations whose accomplishments demonstrate outstanding commitment to advancing the metal construction and building industries.
•Open to individuals in any of the fields within the industry (i.e. political/legislative, environmental, scientific, academic, marketing, etc.)
•Recipient must have made notable individual contributions above and beyond commercial success.
•No minimum time period for recipient’s contributions, although preference will be given to those individuals whose contributions have had a lasting benefit
•Optional two letters of support and recommendation from other companies within the Metal Construction Industry, or a single nomination from an MCA, MBCEA, MBMA, NFBA member company.

Download Nomination Form:
Register For Event:

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