Corporate Citizen of the Year

SUMMARY: A company that has shown commitment to bettering the world outside of their normal business through their involvement and dedication to a cause or charity. MCA Triumph Awards will recognize a company in the Metal Construction and Building Industry that has made a notable contribution to the quality of life in of others in their community or nationwide. This can take the form of employee volunteers and/or corporate financial support for those activities that enrich, protect or benefit other citizens.
CRITERIA: The criteria will include, but is not limited to:
•Involvement in community programs, activities or services (i.e. charities, youth programs, food banks, etc.)
•Developing partnerships with the public sector, not-for-profits and the community to enhance community services and community life (collaborative efforts)
•Achieved recognition of commitment outside of the nominee’s area of business
•A documented, long-standing commitment to corporate citizenship as a preferred way of doing business (longevity of corporate giving)
•Corporate citizenship must be a shared value of the company, visible at all levels
•Corporate citizenship must be integrated into a successful business strategy
•Company must demonstrate individual involvement in the efforts to benefit others without compensation as a core guiding principle
•Newspaper/magazine articles
•Corporate sponsorship literature from events
•Other corporate citizenry awards
•Optional letters of support from organizations or individuals that have directly benefited from the corporate support, photos, pamphlets, etc.

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