MCA Metal Roofing Winner – Erie Residence

The Metal Construction Association (MCA) awarded a lakeside cottage renovation in Erie, Pennsylvania its 2016 Chairman’s Award for the Metal Roofing category.

Originally built in 1926, the unique lakeside cottage’s 25-year-old roof was due for replacement. Traditional asphalt shingles were ruled out due to their lack of long-term durability. The roof’s unique two-foot overhang required a malleable material to accommodate this architectural challenge. Metal roofing was selected for its balance of form and function. Custom gray VMZ Adeka panels, which mimic the appearance of shingles, were chosen. In addition to the zinc paneling for the roof, VMZINC® downspouts, gutters and other decorative ornamentals were used to give the home a cohesive look. To fit the radius of the buildings overhangs, the prefabricated panels were individually stretched and shrunk to create a striking diamond pattern reminiscent of scales.

With Pennsylvania’s harsh winter weather, zinc’s exceptional performance in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, was another main factor in the  decision to use the metal product.  Another advantage, zinc naturally forms its own protective layer called a patina that redevelops or “self-heals” imperfections, decreasing ongoing maintenance needs. When the zinc is scratched, this process spurs a natural recovery that avoids the need for repainting or other rehabilitation efforts. In addition, architectural zinc is fully recyclable, from construction scrap to end of use, which contributes to the project’s overall sustainability and performance.

“We all commented about the intricacy of this roof. We saw such craftsmanship on the roof and so much importance given to the roof, it was the project that took the roof the furthest,” said MCA judge Brent Schipper, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, ASK Studio, Des Moines, Iowa.

Project Recognition

Building Owner: Grack
MCA Member Manufacturer: Umicore Building Products USA, Inc.
Architect: A.J. Grack Business Interiors
Contractor: A.J. Grack Business Interiors
Metal Installer: A.J. Grack Business Interiors
Metal Fabricator: Umicore Building Products USA, Inc.

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