7 Advantages of Retrofitting with Metal

Great Looks are Just the Start of the Benefits of Retrofitting with Metal.

 When it’s time to replace a commercial roof, a metal roof retrofit is often the best solution for building owners. Here’s why: 

Longer Life

 Longer life and less maintenance lead to significant lifetime savings for commercial building owners. 


Installing a new roof right over the existing roof eliminates the time and expense required to remove the old roof (where local code allows). 


Removing a roof will probably involve interrupting operations for your tenants. Commercial roof retrofits allow business operations to continue uninterrupted since the original roof remains in place. 


Standing seam metal roofing is ideal for solar panels by allowing for a zero-penetration installation system. 


Retrofitting lets you reduce energy costs by adding insulation between the old roof and the new roof. Metal roofs with cool paint pigments reflect the sun’s energy to dissipate heat, helping to keep a building cooler. Additionally, highly reflective roofs help keep rooftop temperatures cool, resulting in better performance from solar panels. 


Retrofitting the existing roof eliminates the labor and expense of removal and disposal fees which can be exceptionally steep. 


Metal roofs are fire-resistant and deliver a safer alternative to most common roofing materials. Metal roofing materials are all non-combustible and no more likely to be struck by lightning than other types of roofing. 

 LEARN MORE IN MCA METAL UNIVERSITY: https://www.metalconstruction.org/retrofit-roofing

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