The variety of buildings with metal roofs and cladding on the market today is growing and for good reason. Today, metal is a leading solution for projects that are on-time, on-budget, and eye-catching. But the benefits don’t stop there. Here are some ways metal adds value to the bottom line and should be top of mind for your next project. 


Metal panels are manufactured to required sizes per project and shipped to the site, so buildings can be completed in a fraction of the time required for other materials. 


When it comes to fire safety, buildings clad in metal have an integral advantage over buildings clad in other materials. Fire-resistant protection can come in many forms: coatings, spray-applied fire-resistive materials (SFRMs), metal track with intumescent tape, and drywall on both sides.


Metal is also the go-to choice for building owners who want reduced energy costs, higher returns on investment, or to attract tenants interested in being part of a green building. 


Metal is the only construction material that can be recycled and repurposed indefinitely. This applies to the metal materials once they have outlived their purpose, as well as the excess or scrap metals after the projects’ completion. Likewise, retrofit roofing and walls is a cost effective method to give buildings a new look and add energy-saving benefits. 


Buildings made with metal components meet rigorous safety standards. This means the constructions are designed to remain resilient against events like fire, hurricanes, snow, hail, and extreme weather. 


Sustainable buildings are in demand. For a smart and economic solution to pursue environmental goals, energy codes, and LEED certification, buildings clad in metal are the go-to choice. Metal is recognized as one of the best cradle-to-gate building materials. Lower energy consumption, less maintenance, and greater longevity contribute to the durability of metal. 


Solar ready metal roofing and metal cladding can provide the benefits of cool roofs and walls with the use of special paint coatings and insulation. 


Designers are increasingly taking advantage of the unique features of metal panels, including varying widths, lengths, bends and curves. Plus, today’s metal materials are offered in any color and color combinations imaginable.

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