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Long Lasting, Better Performing and More Energy-Efficient:Metal Roofing and Solar Panels Are the Perfect Fit

As solar roofing continues to experience incredible growth in the residential and commercial markets, choosing the best material for installation has become increasingly part of the equation. Metal roofing has proven to be ideal, not only for its strength and durability, but also for several other economic and environmental considerations.

Longer Lasting, Less Maintenance

Metal roofing is one of the few roof types a service life that exceeds the service life of solar panels. The estimated life span of solar panels is approximately 20 to 25 years, while metal roofing can last for 50 years or more. It is also the most sustainable roofing type, with two to three times the average life span of other roofing materials.

Puncture-Free Attachments

Standing seam metal roofing allows for the use of the solar panels’ simple clamp systems on the seams. In this zero-penetration installation system there is a significantly reduced possibility of leaks or other roofing failures. This system also has potential lower installation costs.

More Energy Efficient

Solar energy is a strong option for both businesses and homeowners to substantially reduce energy costs year in and year out. With the cost of solar becoming significantly more affordable over the last decade, as well as federal and local incentives to invest in solar, return on investment improves every year. Metal roofing helps keep rooftop temperatures cool, which allows better performance from solar panels.

More Earth-Friendly

Metal roofing is sustainable, creates less waste and requires little maintenance. Plus, metal roofing, unlike many other roofing systems, is 100% recyclable at the end of its life cycle.

More Aesthetic Possibilities

The curb appeal of metal roofing is another significant reason why building owners are embracing it. Standing seam  roofing has an impressive array of metal types and color options,  to create unique, eye-catching buildings.

Together, solar panels and metal roofing provide owners and the environment a fantastic ROI. Along with all the above benefits, users enjoy more energy independence and potentially lower utility expenses.

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MCA IMP Alliance Brings Rare Opportunity to METALCON


The Metal Construction Association’s Insulated Metal Panel (IMP) Alliance comprises of leading manufacturers, material suppliers, and resellers who are dedicated to growing and increasing the use of IMP’s in the construction marketplace. Appearing for the FIRST TIME at METALCON 2021, the MCA IMP Alliance will bring together six independent brands of leading insulated metal wall and roof panels in one pavilion. This will be a rare opportunity to see six major brands that produce 85-90% of all IMPs shipped in the US and Canada — together, in one place, at METALCON. Contrary to a commonly held falsehood, IMPs can be successfully used for much more than just exterior walls on buildings; they are also gaining in popularity for their use on roofs.

Learn Why IMP roof panels are being described as tomorrow’s roofing materials TODAY!

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METALCON Business Academy “MBA” Program



Developed in partnership with the trades business experts at Breakthrough Academy, METALCON’s  first-ever “MBA” program focuses on the six most critical things every metal construction business must do to succeed in 2021, and beyond. This “breakthrough” program is available at NO COST to our metal construction community.

Take all 6 METALCON “MBA” courses and receive your diploma at METALCON 2021 in Tampa!


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METALFOCUS Safety Program Now Available On Demand


“This course provided me with a better understanding of the safety related intricacies in metal building construction.” – Steve Wykoff, TKS Contracting

At METALCON, we’re on a mission to provide the latest ideas and expert advice to help all kinds of metal businesses be more efficient and more profitable. Our recently completed inaugural METALFOCUS Safety Training program is a valuable tool for you and your company. Program participant Brian Gray with Architectural Building Systems says, “It’s a great refresher. I can continue to pass this information down to the 50-100 employees we have on our crew.”

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Short on Continuing Education Credits? Earn them at METALCON 2021


If you are a licensed designer, architect, builder or contractor, continuing education is a necessity. Have you earned all of your credit hours this year? METALCON can help! In addition to its ongoing credit-earning webinars, METALCON is returning as an “in-person” event this October and will offer a comprehensive education program with most of the sessions qualifying for AIA, CSI, and ICC credits. Consider the show a “one-stop” shop for all of your education needs, while also exploring an exhibit hall packed with a vast array of metal products, equipment and technology, and networking with the “Who’s Who” in metal in construction and design.

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NEWS FLASH – METALCON Introduces The Architect’s Experience


Discover the Magic of Metal in Architectural Design

As demand grows for metal in design, METALCON 2021 will be the place to be for architects to learn more about metal’s beauty, versatility, durability, and sustainability virtually lending itself to limitless applications. Discover the “magic of metal” in architectural design at this year’s show. This “show within a show” is exclusively for architects, designers, specifiers and engineers eager to breathe new life into projects and solve a wide variety of architectural, structural, environmental and performance challenges — all through the use of metal.

METALCON will take place at the Tampa Convention Center in beautiful Tampa, Florida, October 6-8. REGISTER TODAY!

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Magnificent Metal Monday – A FREE A/E/C Quarterly Marketing Report


What are the jaw-dropping economic and market changes for metal construction and design decision-makers just over the horizon? Watch METALCONLive! THIS Wednesday to find out and receive a FREE A/E/C Quarterly Marketing Report!

When: THIS Wednesday May 5, 2021 at 1:00 pm EST

Where:Live! on Zoom and available on demand

This webinar earns you 1 FREE AIA LU / CEUAND A FREE COPY of PSMJ’s latest A/E/C Quarterly Marketing Forecast Report (value of $247!)


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Live and in-person at the Convention Center in Tampa, Florida.

Live and in-person at the Convention Center in Tampa, Florida.
Join us for the ONLY global event devoted exclusively to the use of metal in design and construction. Enjoy events, the latest industry news and innovations, and networking with industry leaders. Register now!
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