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The Possibilities are Endless with MCM

Bend it, curve it, transform it. If you can dream it, Metal Composite Material can help you make it. “Individual Parts Bring A Greater Whole – A Primer on MCM” is a written course that will get you up to speed on the benefits of MCM.

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Photo courtesy of Arconic Architectural Products

How Best to Reinvent the “Look” of Modern Healthcare?

With the Cutting Edge Looks of MCM

SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital and Saint Louis University School of Medicine’s design mission was to create a facility that would provide first-rate patient care while leaving room for future expansions to the facility. Choosing Metal Composite Material (MCM) panels ensured the project was completed on time, under budget and meeting all the expectations of the project management team.

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Join a Powerful Group

Here’s a tip on how to get greater exposure and stand out from your competition! Participate in MCA’s MCM Fabricator Certification Program and demonstrate your ability to deliver unique applications using metal composite material panels for architectural projects. This program will identify your company as a fabricator that has met the standards required for MCM Fabricator Certification.

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Cladding Safety with Metal Composite Material (MCM) & the NFPA 285-19

Knowing the current safety standards related to fire codes is essential. MCA has a course that not only reviews the history and details of the NFPA285 test for flame propagation in wall assemblies, but it also provides the new sample construction requirements and how Metal Composite Material (MCM) responds to fire.

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Library is back in MCM Black

Drawing inspiration from a ravine tucked away in the foliage of its site, Capilano Library in Edmonton is both accessible to the community and connected to nature, making it an ideal host for a library. Custom black Metal Composite Material (MCM) panels complete the look.

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