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New White Paper

Allowable Deflection for MCM Cladding – Why L/60?

One benefit, long enjoyed by Metal Composite Material (MCM), is the ability of the panel to deflect under load and return back to flat once the load is removed. Even with this ability, there is a limit to how far MCM panels are allowed to deflect.

Read this white paper to learn the limits. >

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Meet the Newest Company to Become an MCA MCM Certified Fabricator!

River Supply Inc. is the Mid-Atlantic’s premier supplier of exterior building facade and material. They know fabrication, and the clout that comes with being an MCA MCM Certified Fabricator. This certification identifies fabricators who have met the standards for Premium MCM Fabricators for the use of metal composite materials in high-end, monumental building projects.

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MCA & MCM Alliance Present: Cladding Safety in Light of Global Fires

This webinar will discuss the important topic of how the Engineering Evaluation process can be used as a viable path to evaluate wall assemblies to the requirements of the International Building Code and should be acceptable as an alternative to running an NFPA 285 wall assembly test.

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