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MCA’s New Metal Roof Installation Manual: An Essential Tool for Anyone Working with Metal Roofs

Using the Right Methods, Materials and Tools is Essential to Installing Your Metal Roof Properly
Using the Right Methods, Materials and Tools is Essential to Installing Your Metal Roof Properly

By: John Ryan, Metal Construction Association

Using the right tools is key to getting any job done correctly. Contractors and installers who work with metal roofs know how important it is to have the right seamer or a quality screw gun. And architects and specifiers know how important it is to have a good architectural scale and the most current reference manuals.

MCA Metal Roof Installation Manual
MCA Metal Roof Installation Manual

If you work with metal roofing, MCA has another essential tool for your toolkit: the new Metal Roof Installation Manual. Now available at MetalConstruction.com in the Technical Resources section, this new manual offers 20 chapters of best practices, tips and training for installing metal roofs. The manual covers a full range of useful information about installing metal roofs, including:

  • Introductory information about roofing materials
  • Panel types, attributes and profiles
  • Roof deck substrates
  • Safety
  • Sealants and Fasteners
  • Maintenance
  • Re-Roofing

Download your copy of the MCA Metal Roof Installation Manual today, and keep the document handy as a reference as you come across questions with your metal roof project. It’ll soon become an essential tool in your toolbox.

And the best part about this tool? It’s free!

Economists Maintain Cautiously Optimistic Outlook on Construction

Jennifer Hicks at SmartBrief posted a valuable summary of a webcast hosted by Reed Construction Data on the architecture, engineering and construction industries. Here are a few nuggets that may be of particular interest to the metal construction industry. Visit Jennifer’s blog for more details from the three economists that participated in the webcast.

The construction industry in 2012 has fared better than in recent years, and the upward trend could continue in 2013, according to the three economists that participated in the webcast.

Commercial construction, which turned around in 2012, is expected to continue to grow in 2013. The hospitality and higher-education segments also are forecasted to improve in 2013.

The biggest threat to growth in 2013 is the “fiscal cliff,” which could result in a loss of $2 billion in federal construction spend. Other factors that could stall metal construction growth include troubled state economies, tight lending policies, and regulatory changes.