IMPs Cut Down on Cooling Costs Amid the Texas Heat

Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) give this plant a unique aesthetic through its ribbed profile while also delivering supreme thermal performance. As temperatures across the nation continue to rise, the use of IMPs are a key way to future-proof buildings to reduce energy consumption.

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IMPs Can Keep Even Phoenix Cool

And Costs Down

As a publicly funded project, the Monument at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center had to deliver quality and cost-efficiency. Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) allowed for optimized use of materials, reduced waste, and the ability to stay ahead of an aggressive construction schedule. The result is a building envelope system that consolidates five wall components into one product, creating a distinct profile for any design.

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MCM Brings Music To The City

In the heart of Nashville, 1812 Broadway is a mixed-use building for visitors and residents to enjoy musical events, museums, fine dining, sports, and impressive architecture. Metal Composite Material (MCM) made it all possible.

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Photos Courtesy of MCA Members: Arconic and MillerClapperton

The More Everything Else Changes, The More This Metal Exterior Stays The Same

For 50 years, this Parisian hotel has gone through multiple owners and renovations to the interior. What hasn’t changed is the 18,000 sqm façade featuring steel cladding. When you build with metal, you build with materials that last.

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Photo Courtesy of MCA Member: DuPont Tedlar

You’re Invited!

You’re invited to join us and the leaders of the metal construction industry in Scottsdale, Arizona, at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort & Villas. Get inside knowledge from industry colleagues with our best-in-class educational programs, networking opportunities, a golf event to support our new scholarship program, and more.

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IMPs Deliver a Front-Row Seat to Salt Lake City’s Skyline

Developers of the Salt Lake City Hyatt Regency needed an external cladding product that could accommodate a fast-paced construction schedule. Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) allowed rapid construction, requiring only one pass with a single product around the building. The results were a fast build – and an impressive view.

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MCM: Luster for Life

Today’s Metal Composite Material (MCM) retains its luster for decades, ensuring that the building maintains its aesthetic appeal and property value for the long term. Facilities clad with high-tech MCM systems and finishes maintain curb appeal, often reducing the need for maintenance costs.

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Photo Courtesy of MCA Member 3A Composites

Live Webinar: Forging the Future – Exploring the Dynamic Intersection of Metal and Design

LIVE WEBINAR: Forging the Future – Exploring the Dynamic Intersection of Metal and Design – Nov. 30. Understanding the advancements in metal construction is essential to stay ahead of the competition. This course will explore how metal construction techniques and materials can enhance energy efficiency and sustainability in building design.

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MCM Brings Contemporary Beauty to DC

The Yards, a mixed-use “hidden urban oasis” with residential, retail, and commercial use, features Metal Composite Material (MCM), single-skin metal panels and perforated panels. The various metal components create a striking and distinct juxtaposition to the building’s façade.

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