MCN Reader’s Choice Awards 2021 Announced


Now it’s in 9th year, Metal Construction News (MCN) announced their 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards for top products in the metal construction industry. The top product for this year goes to Milwaukee-based Xena Workwear Inc. for their Omerga EH Safety Boot. The other products selected were incredibly varied and showed no clear pattern of preference. Ranging from insulated metal panels and perforated screens to curtainwalls and louvers, the products identified by MCN’s readers touch on every facet of the metal construction industry and show the breadth of the industry’s building product needs.

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Metal Architecture Design Awards 2021


As announced by Metal Architecture in July, the MA Design Awards are celebrating a decade and have become the defining award program for the metal construction industry, with some of the most exciting projects seen in the architecture landscape. The 2021 Metal Architecture Design Awards represent a variety of great projects in the metal construction industry and showcase exciting uses of metal that take design to the top of the class.

METALCON would like to highlight two projects that were also winning projects in our recent Metal in Architecture Design & Photo Contest: The Bézier Curve House and the David M. Rubenstein Forum; as announced at METALCON 2021 last month in Tampa.

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Magnificent Metal Monday – Museum of Tomorrow


As announced last month in METALCON’s inaugural Metal in Architecture design and construction project photo competition, the Gotca Group received the award in the “interior” category for their work done on the Museum of Tomorrow.

Opened in 2015 as a new icon of the modernization of Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro’s harbor, the Museum of Tomorrow was born in the Praça Mauá as a science museum meant to explore, imagine, and conceive all the possibilities for constructing the future. The Museum of Tomorrow, or Museu do Amanhã to locals, serves as an innovative cultural space addressing the future of the planet was designed by renowned Spanish architect, engineer and artist Santiago Calatrava.

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7 Advantages of Retrofitting with Metal

Great Looks are Just the Start of the Benefits of Retrofitting with Metal.

 When it’s time to replace a commercial roof, a metal roof retrofit is often the best solution for building owners. Here’s why: 

Longer Life

 Longer life and less maintenance lead to significant lifetime savings for commercial building owners. 


Installing a new roof right over the existing roof eliminates the time and expense required to remove the old roof (where local code allows). 


Removing a roof will probably involve interrupting operations for your tenants. Commercial roof retrofits allow business operations to continue uninterrupted since the original roof remains in place. 


Standing seam metal roofing is ideal for solar panels by allowing for a zero-penetration installation system. 


Retrofitting lets you reduce energy costs by adding insulation between the old roof and the new roof. Metal roofs with cool paint pigments reflect the sun’s energy to dissipate heat, helping to keep a building cooler. Additionally, highly reflective roofs help keep rooftop temperatures cool, resulting in better performance from solar panels. 


Retrofitting the existing roof eliminates the labor and expense of removal and disposal fees which can be exceptionally steep. 


Metal roofs are fire-resistant and deliver a safer alternative to most common roofing materials. Metal roofing materials are all non-combustible and no more likely to be struck by lightning than other types of roofing. 


NEW Metal Architecture Academy Launched by MCA


On the heels of METALCON 2021 where architects were in the spotlight with the new Architect’s Experience, the Metal Construction Association has announced the launch of their new Metal Architecture Academy, emphasizing the importance of educating the design community on the uses and benefits of metal. As reported by DesignandBuildwithMetal, “The Academy includes eight courses which provide opportunities to learn about metal walls and roofing as sustainable and flexible solutions for today’s architectural challenges, as well as design options that are unique and inspiring.”

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The People Have Spoken … METALCON People’s Choice Top Three Product Winners Announced


Amidst the buzz and excitement at METALCON this month, show attendees were invited to vote on-site to select the first-ever METALCON People’s Choice Top ThreeProduct winners! Attendees chose from the seven Top Product award winners announced last month (listed below). Of the seven, congratulations to S-5! for their WindClamp2X in the Category of Roofs, RoofersCoffeeShop for their Read, Listen, Watch program in the Category of Technology, and to Bay Insulation Systems for their Bay Runner Insulation System in the Category of Insulation and Weather Barriers. The people have spoken!

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Magnificent Metal Monday – Winners of Metal in Architecture Awards announced at METALCON


Last week at METALCON 2021, the show floor was all “a buzz” when the winners of the inaugural design and construction project photo competition were announced and recognized. The amazing projects featuring metal in design were showcased in the first ever “Metal in Architecture Gallery” prominently displayed on the METALCON show floor (pictured above). We congratulate the following winners:

Grand Prize Winner and for the category Walls: ATAS International, Project 18: David Rubenstein Forum at the University of Chicago 

Photo Credit: ATAS

Roofs: Rheinzink, Project 24: Bezier Curve House/A-House

Photo credit: Parametric-Architecture

Ornamental/ Architectural Features and Interior: Gotca Group, Project 2: Museum of Tomorrow

Photo Credit: Architect Magazine

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