“Sustainability is a basic consideration that we have to have as architects designing buildings….In 10 years we’re not going to talk about sustainability anymore, because it’s going to be built into the core processes of architecture.” —Robert Stern, Dean of the Yale School of Architecture

How do Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) assure sustainability, energy efficiency and project quality? Read all about it>>>http://www.metalconstruction.org/EPDs


2018 Chairman’s Awards Coming Soon

“Architecture is a dangerous mix of power and importance.” —Rem Koolhaas

Judged by a panel of respected architects, the 2018 MCA Chairman Awards will be a dangerous mix, indeed. Awards are given in eight categories: overall excellence; residential; metal roofing; education, primary and secondary schools; education, colleges and universities; institutional; municipal; and commercial/industrial. Winners will be announced at our Winter Meeting, January 14-16 in beautiful Key Largo.


“Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because the idea wasn’t theirs.” —Frank Chimero

In support of good ideas and good design, the 2018 Chairman Awards will be given to the year’s most exceptional projects involving MCA member companies. Awards are based on overall appearance, significance of metal in the project, innovative use of metal, and the role of metal in achieving project objectives. Winners will be announced at our Winter Meeting, January 14-16 in Key Largo.