The premiere event for the metal industry is on! Get in on the action October 21-23 in Las Vegas, NV at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Meet face-to-face with industry leaders and key influencers and explore a vast array of products, solutions, equipment, and revolutionary technology.

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MCM Helps Transform An Empty Lot Into A New Clinic

This clinic wanted its building to reflect its own mission: a center based on community, including multi-purpose communal spaces for educational programs.

The design intent was to liberate the definitions of interior and exterior applications. Metal composite material (MCM) helped achieve this with a prismatic finish which allows for the color to shift with the light’s angle, giving the metal panels the appearance of fluidity and energy.

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Metal Men Never Retire, They Just Construct A New Beginning

As we congratulate Jeff Henry’s appointment as our new executive director, we also give gratitude to Karl Hielscher for his service as MCA’s executive director for the past 4 years. During his tenure, Hielscher strengthened the association’s strategic direction, helped grow overall membership, and developed technical and educational resources for the industry, including bulletins, white papers, and education seminars.

We wish Hielscher the best in his retirement and appreciate all of his accomplishments throughout his career and on behalf of our association.

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What better color for a casino than champagne? Among the many benefits of IMPs is the variety of colors, which the ilani Casino Resort property in Ridgefield, Wash took full advantage of. The project’s high-performance exterior relies on more than 75,000 square feet of 2.5-inch of insulated metal panels in distinctive and attractive champagne. The product proved to be an ideal fit to handle the region’s notoriously unpredictable weather systems. “IMPs are a cost-effective way to skin a building, especially in that climate,” Jones said. “It ended up being more suitable than using other options.”

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MCA Announces Jeff Henry, MBA CAE, as Executive Director

We are thrilled that, as of June 1, Jeff Henry is MCA’s new executive director. Henry will lead a team of professionals who will support industry members and elevate the use of metal in construction. “My job is to empower them to develop programs and services that advance the goals of the association and provide our membership with exceptional professional development opportunities,” Henry said. Henry’s distinguished career and focused vision is sure to help bring metal to the forefront in the industry more than ever!

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MCA’s recent Summer Meeting is cause for celebration!

An ALL-TIME HIGH 166 registrants and an average of 50 people in attendance at council/committee meetings is proof that MCA’s events are garnering more interest and networking capacities than ever. One of the many highlights was MCA’s Annual Market Statistical Study, which provided an analysis of current and projected market trends for the metal construction industry. The final report is available for members on our website.

Fire Retardant and Standard Core MCM

Fire Retardant and Standard Core MCM

This paper clarifies the uses for standard and fire retardant MCM in accordance with safety guidelines by the International Building Code.
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6mm vs. 4mm MCM

6mm vs. 4mm MCM

Learn about the benefits (and mistaken perceptions) of 6mm MCM versus 4mm MCM. This white paper gives you insights through the eyes of the manufacturer, designer, and fabricator.
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