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Metal Construction Industry Experts Eye Growth in 2013

By: John Ryan, Metal Construction Association

According to a “State of the Metal Construction Industry” report published by Metal Construction News recently, modest growth is expected for the industry in 2013. Viewpoints from several industry experts were included in the report, and most agreed that residential construction would be a key growth driver for the industry in the near-term, with additional highlights including manufacturing facilities and the energy sector.

Though the panel of experts is optimistic, there are some threats to the growth and profitability of the industry. The two biggest threats come as no surprise: continued economic uncertainty and a challenging political environment.

Other highlights from the state of the industry report include insights on building green, how technology is changing the industry, and outlooks on how the industry will evolve over the next 10 years.

For the full “State of the Metal Construction Industry” report, visit Metal Construction News.

Metal Roofing Provides Strong Defense Against Wildfires

As western state residents begin to clean up from the latest wave of wildfires, they’re also looking ahead and thinking about preventative measures that can be taken to ensure this level of devastation doesn’t happen again.

Along with clearing brush and debris away from a home, installing a non-combustible metal roof system is one of the most proactive steps that can be taken to reduce the chance of a house being destroyed during a wildfire. Building with metal is an energy efficient, low maintenance and durable option for helping to keep homes protected from these wildfires.

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