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MCM Brings the Colors Bursting Out

Metal Composite Material (MCM) panels are offered in transitional finishes which celebrate natural color shifts. For this project, the glass changes colors, so using metal panels that do the same was a perfect fit. The result is an impressive spectrum of beauty and sheen.

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Library is back in MCM Black

Drawing inspiration from a ravine tucked away in the foliage of its site, Capilano Library in Edmonton is both accessible to the community and connected to nature, making it an ideal host for a library. Custom black Metal Composite Material (MCM) panels complete the look.

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MCM’s Versatility is the Mother of Invention

Metal Composite Material (MCM) is transforming modern architectural design. One reason is for its ability to bend and curve into multiple architectural shapes. As a result, designers are turning to MCM to create timeless works of art.

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Cladding Safety with Metal Composite Material (MCM) & the NFPA-285-19

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With the updated test protocol for fire propagation, it’s more important than ever to understand how MCM made with a flame-retardant core can make the difference. Get up to date with important safety standards and more.

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