Meet the “Overall Excellence” Chairman’s Award Winner

As mentioned in our last post, over the coming weeks we’ll be introducing more information and articles about the Metal Construction Association’s Chairman’s Awards winners. The natural place to start is with the “Overall Excellence” winner: the Chihuahua’s Businessmen Foundation (FECHAC) Regional Office in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

We’ve just posted a new case study about the project that provides more details about how the design process unfolded, and how the architects overcame obstacles to achieve the design that best suited their client’s needs and represented their client’s values. The Metal Initiative offers a library of more than 60 case studies featuring many inspiring project that reflect the benefits of building with metal.

The MCA judging panel chose this project  because it incorporates metal into many parts of the building. They were fascinated by the architects’ ability to use metal to represent rock. Lights on the building were incorporated to make the metal look different in summer and in winter.

Reynobond Composite Aluminum Panels from Alcoa Architectural Products were used in the design. The architect for the project is Grupo ARKHOS.

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