“The emphasis on electronics may work well for marketing, but when it comes to our products, the contactors have to see them and understand how they can use them. It has to be face-to-face, and that’s why we’re at METALCON – to meet and talk with contractors.”
– Dale Nelson, Roof Hugger

“People judge trade shows by different factors. Some qualify a show by numbers of visitors or leads. But the real judge of quality in a show is how it helps you build relationships. By rotating location every year, METALCON keeps drawing a fresh audience and that expands our opportunities to establish new relationships each year.”
– Ed Karper, Akzo Nobel

“METALCON is our ‘coming out’ event as a brand. The response was overwhelming from customers and potential customers. We’ve walked METALCON before and this is our first time exhibiting. We had a lot of customers and were able to partner with the metal building industry, which is what we wanted. We manufacture and laminate fiberglass insulation for metal buildings. Kudos to METALCON team. They do a great job and are all very friendly and responsive.”
– Jane Van Bergen, Marketing Manager, Silvercote Lamination



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