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the journey from raw material acquisition to final disposal

This game-changing report details the journey from raw material acquisition to final disposal. Read this invaluable resource to gain a powerful understanding of Metal Composite Material. See Report >
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Magnificent Metal Monday – RAiNA


Newly Formed RAiNA Offers Many Benefits to Construction Industry

Just over a year ago, the Rainscreen Association in North America (RAiNA), an international not-for-profit industry association dedicated to serving the rainscreen market in North America, was founded, and is now the leading authority on rainscreen assemblies.

RAiNA provides a forum for designers, trades, test agencies, and material suppliers to gather to determine best practices, interpret and inform codes, as well as educate and address technical concerns in the industry.

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Selecting the right type of fastener for metal construction

Selecting the right type of fastener for metal construction to ensure a strong and weather-tight attachment is critical. Our paper “FASTENER COMPATIBILITY WITH PROFILED METAL ROOF AND WALL PANELS” is the perfect guide to help you know all about fasteners used with metal roof and wall panels. Learn more >
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Magnificent Metal Monday – Metal’s Role in Sustainability


There are several key reasons why a metal roof is the right choice. According to the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA), among these reasons include energy savings, aesthetic appeal, performance in weather-related events, longevity and environmentally sustainability. In this era of increased focus on sustainability, copper is “king.” According to (Copper Development Association, Inc.), it’s durable, reliable and often outlives its aluminum, plastic and other metal counterparts. Copper adorns one of the world’s most stunning homes in the United States — The Hope Residence, located in Palm Springs, California.

According to Metal Roofing Alliance, “For a home that is nearly as famous and unique as the American entertainer who inspired it, the Hope Residence has been compared to a spaceship, a mushroom and a volcano. Whatever shape you imagine it resembles, there is no doubt there is nothing like this nearly…

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