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Construction Safety Training Saves Money and Lives


NEW Safety Training Program starting February 18 presented by METALCON

Is it worth your company’s time and money to invest in preventative safety training? The answer is a resounding YES!

According to the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), “The charts and summaries in the 2020 Safety Performance Report present the clearest picture yet of the remarkable impact that leading indicator use has on a company’s safety performance: fewer disrupted or lost lives and a safer, more productive jobsite regardless of the size of the company. In fact, companies that engage in leading indicator use are, statistically, considerably safer than their peers. The ABC created the report in 2015 to address the issue of not having sound data to prove the correlation between the use of measures companies can take to keep workers safe on jobsites and the number of incidents that occur.

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A Roof Replacement Worthy of a NCAA Championship

After 50 years of enduring heavy winds, hailstorms and whatever Mother Nature could throw at it, the aging copper batten roof of Gross Memorial Coliseum was leaking and had to be removed. How to replace it and maintain the classic, familiar look of the coliseum? Metal kept the traditional look while adding a whole new layer of durability and detailing.

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New Metal Roof Protects Historical Ranch

New Case Study!
New Metal Roof Protects Historical Ranch

This historical society wanted a new energy-efficient, durable roof made from recycled materials that matched the building’s existing style. Metal roofing the was the perfect solution, staying true to the property’s elegant history, and adding modern energy efficiency and safety standards..

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MCN 2021 State of the Industry and Annual Contractor Survey



Metal Construction News has released their 2021 State of the Industry and overall, the industry looks forward to a more positive 2021. As MCN looked back to a year ago, none of the experts who contributed to the 2020 State of the Industry predicted how the year would unfold and went into the year with optimism. Coming into this year, the same experts retain their sense of optimism, less likely to be undone by the unforeseeable. Based on the collective voice of the experts, the future seems to be brighter than it has in many years past but identifying which part of the uncertain future that holds the most promise is yet to be discovered. So grab your cup of coffee and take some time to read the following pieces authored by the “who’s who” of industry experts to hopefully give you some sense of…

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The Virtual Winter Meeting: Feb 1-4, 2021

This Year We’re Delivering The Winter Meeting Right To You
The Virtual Winter Meeting: Feb 1-4, 2021

The format is new, but the essential industry insights for the use of metal now and in the future are the same. This is the must-attend event of the season – right from your home computer!

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Learn why IMPs Provide the “Gold” Standard At This Food Processing Facility

New Case Study!
Learn why IMPs Provide the “Gold” Standard At This Food Processing Facility

When Golden State Foods wanted to build a new manufacturing and distribution facility, they needed to build with speed and with materials specially designed to meet today’s high-performance standards in a wide variety of environments. Lear why Insulated Metal Panels gave the perfect solution.

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