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Magnificent Metal Monday – Key Takeaways from METALCONLive! on Metal Roofing Recover Systems


Last week on METALCONLive!, the Metal Construction Association presented leading authority on metal roofing recover systems, Charlie Smith with McElroy Metal, who gave a detailed presentation on the benefits of using metal to recover an existing sloped roof. You can stream the presentation on-demand by clicking on the above image. Some key takeaways from the presentation include the growing advantages of using metal for roof recover work, the future of using a “T” shape panel and if doing a retrofit, and knowing your clip offset before starting a project.

Charlie opened the presentation with the simple, yet important, question, “Why metal?” He answered his own question by saying, “Simple, it has the longest life expectancy of approximately 40-60 years.”

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IMPs Give Seattle’s Opera Center An Exterior Worthy of an Aria

The aesthetics of Insulated Metal Panels help provide an exterior designed to inspire and invite people to learn more about opera.

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STRAIGHT TALK: Read the Preformed Metal Panel Installation Guide

The rule of thumb may be “Everything should look straight when viewed from a distance of 25′”, but different products or applications might require different tolerances for quality control. These are the guidelines you need for preformed metal walls.

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Savory Cost Savings and Reduced Construction Time Are Both On The Menu with IMPs

Toronto’s premier Italian Bistro Gusto 501 appeal is a dining attraction as much for its beautiful looks as for its menu. The advantages of Insulated Metal Panels provided reduced construction time and costs without the need of multiple trades, as well as the freedom for the architect to go above and beyond for design talents.

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