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MCA is conducting research at the University of Florida to evaluate the performance of discontinuous metal panels, such as modular metal panels and snap-together standing seam.  From that evaluation we will be investigating how to characterize the air permeability of these types of roof panels in order to develop a new test method to more realistically reflect the wind uplift that these systems can withstand.  The main test to be utilized for the work is the UL 1897 in static and dynamic mode.  Wind tunnel testing and variations to existing industry test methods will be used.  An industry Advisory Panel has been created and a literature search has been summarized.  Recently the Experimental Research Plan was shared with the Advisory Panel for their input.  Test materials are being collected and shipped to the University of Florida for testing to commence in July.  This is a significant research project, and is being conducted over three calendar years.

The New Ivy Covered Walls